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cold chain monitoring


Cold Storage.

NaxerTech Limited offers complete solution for real-time monitoring of temperature in Cold Storages, Refrigerated Trucks, Green Houses, Poultry Farms and Server Rooms.


Hardware Device

NaxerTech’s Monitoring solution comprises of a commercial grade hardware “NTT-101”, manufactured as per European Standards, EMC, EMI and CE certified.

Tracking Software

PEGASUS GPS tracking platform

The product operates with unique innovative software "Pegasus", for the purpose of providing a vast variety of comprehensive solutions and services for administrative and business applications

GSM Monitoring device

★The NTT-101, a standalone temperature monitoring solution.
★ Best value for money.
★GSM based temperature monitoring.
★Perfect for wide range of business models.
★Provides up to date temperature information.
★Alerts you via email and text message according to the readings.
★Configure your alerts, thresholds, and other indicators in Pegasus, our web-based reporting system.
★Connect up to 6 wired Temperature and 4 Humidity sensors.
★ No PC or network configuration is required!

NTT-101- Monitoring Model Specifications

General Specifications

★ Dimension (14.2cm x 6.2cm x 3.0cm)
★Supply Voltage (9V – 60V)
★ Battery Power (3.7V DC Li-Ion Battery, 850mA)
★ Power Consumption (43mA)
★ Humidity (5% to 95%, non-condensing)
★ Storage Temperature (-20°C to +70°C)
★Operating Temperature (-10°C to +65°C)
★ Weight (130gms)


★ GPS Antenna x 1 (optional)
★ Humidity Sensor
★Temperature Sensor
★ Digital Signal Cable x 1
★ Power Cable Set x 1
★ Backup Battery 3.7v

functional Specifications

★Wire Temperature
★Five Digital Inputs, 1 Analog Input
★ Improved GSM/ GPRS/ SMS Reception
★ On Air Firmware Upgrade via GPRS
★ Alternate IPs for GPRS
★ DNS (No hassle for IP Change)
★8MB Flash Memory
★ Reverse Polarity Protection

Main Components

★ GSM: SIM908
★16-bit MCU
★ 8MB Flash Memory
★ Poly Switch Fuse
★ Dual Power Regulator

Alert via Notification Engine:

Notifications, a new feature introduced in Pegasus system. This notification system is a combination of software and hardware that provides a means of delivering a message to the recipient(s). A notification can be delivered by an e-mail or SMS or displayed online in a popup window. Notification could be scheduled to send out an email alert or SMS alert in six easy steps

Up To Date Report

NTT-101 Monitoring model can be scheduled to report current temperature at every minute or 30 minutes or any other desired duration. Pegasus system displays this information in a grid on the main GUI as shown in below image:

Temperature report

★Temperature Report provides a detail history and graph of the temperature sensor installed.
★ Pegasus system offers two different types of Temperature reports i.e. Exact Report and Average Report.
★Temperature reports could be scheduled on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis.
★These reports could be generated in Microsoft Excel/ Word, PDF formats.
★Can emailed to the specified email ID(s).
★Pegasus System will automatically generate the report as per the selected frequency in the selected format and will email to the specified recipient.
★Multiple email ID(s) could be specified.